Now in its 3rd year, Well Dance for Seniors, is an evidenced-based programme of Dance Theatre of Ireland in Modern dance for Seniors –and it  is making waves.  Contemporary dance draws on ballet, and on modern forms of dance.  Well Dance for Seniors

has had over 500 participants dancing and soon, they will be performing for a new development in the programme is the formation of a Seniors Dance Ensemble, called  Vintage Youth. I’m attaching some beautiful photos from the group and other info.

I’m also writing to  INVITE you to a performance of Vintage Youth Saturday November 18 and to ask if you might consider writing a piece on the group, the classes and the  performance. Vintage Youth is composed of seniors from all walks of life who have not only started dancing—they are performing. They are seniors who have lost a spouse, may have cancer,  heart disease, arthritis or other neurological diseases…but in dancing they have found a new love in their life and an outlet for expressing their insights.


  • VINTAGE YOUTH, a Senior Dance Ensemble , – formed with 16 members from our Seniors Dance Classes; they are giving a beautiful, moving performance on life and aging  at the new DLR LexIcon Library Studio Theatre, Saturday Nov 18, 2pm & 3:30pm.  Called “It’s About Time” (further info attached) There are 2 matinee performances.  Tickets on Eventbrite €10 and €8 (Children under 12)  Here’s a clip from a rehearsal


  • Well Dance for Seniors – this is a hugely popular programme of modern dance classes specifically for seniors that are fun and much more than just exercise, all set to great music (Stevie Wonder, Bee Gees, Eva Cassidy and more) – they take place at the DTI Centre for Dance near Bloomfields in Dun laoghaire 11am-12:30pm Tues and Wed mornings and at Shankill Tennis Club 1:30-3pm Wednesdays.  Published Studies by the Head of Trinity College’s Occupational Therapy Dept over a 2 year period have verified the classes’ effectiveness in improving  mobility and health related quality of life. Here’s a clip from a Well Dance class  and there are many more clips here on this page


  • Dancing Well with Dementia takes place at the Patrician Villa Community Centre, Stillorgan on Mondays 2:45-4pm and we are part of the HSE Living Well with Dementia project.


  • Dancing Well with Parkinsons (and carers)  takes place at Dance Theatre of Ireland, 11-12:30 Fridays in conjunction with Move4Parkinsons.  Contact 01 295 0060 for further information. You may not know this but the rise of neurological diseases is huge.


Did you know there are 3 things that influence aging? :  Green Diet, Exercise and social connection… Dance ticks all 3.   in our classes they learn set routines to modern music (Katy Perry ROAR, Gene Kelly “Singing in the Rain”)  but they also learn to improvise…it’s a creative as well as technical endeavour…and in dancing you connect with other people…


We can arrange for you to see a rehearsal or class in the coming weeks, and we could arrange  interview times with any of the performers. ( SUCH INTERESTING LIVES! )




Loretta Yurick
Co-Artistic Director
Dance Theatre of Ireland
+353 087 661 6796

Bloomfields, Lower Georges St. Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland



DTI Well-Dance for Seniors – April 2016 from Dance Theatre of Ireland on Vimeo.